Arti-Facts is our Museum Newsletter published at various times throughout the year. Here you’ll find interesting articles on the history of Idyllwild and the surrounding areas of pine Cove, Mountain Center and Garner Valley. It also includes information on our Board of Directors, a president’s message and other useful information. Our most recent Arti-Facts is listed first. Click on the Title to to link to the complete edition.  As new Arti-Facts are published, past editions with lots of fascinating history about our area will be found further down the page. To read an older edition, simply click on the date. 

Our most recent Edition

Spring 2024 – Art in the Park – Cahuilla

Past Editions

Summer 2005 – Visit to Desert Queen Mine in Joshua Tree National Park

January 2008 – The Battle to Save Our Forest

Summer 2011 – Various Articles about Idyllwild

Autumn 2011 – About the Museum Archives

Spring 2012 – Family Values and Claudius Lee Emerson

Summer 2012 – Summer Parties in Idyllwild 

Autumn 2012 – Ads from the 1920’s Idyllwild Breeze Newspaper

Winter 2012 – Bill Price and the Origin of the Idyllwild Fire Department

Spring 2013 – Idyllwild County Park

Autumn 2013 – The Mountain Fire

Winter 2013 – Betty Maxwell

Spring 2014 – Peeling the Onion – A Metaphor for Historical Reearch

Summer 2014 – Reva Ballreich and the Lilacs of Idyllwild

Autumn 2014 – Maggie Dutton, an Idyllwild Original

Winter 2014 – History – Why Do We Care About It?

Spring 2015 – Telephone Service in Idyllwild

Summer 2015 – Tales from the Pacific Crest Trail

Autumn 2015 – Harry James and the James Reserve

Winter 2015 – ISOMATA: How an Arts Education Dream Was Saved

Spring 2016 – Lawler Lodge Origins

Summer 2016 – Roads to Idyllwild: Getting There Was Half the Fun!

Autumn 2016 – The Rustic Tavern – Silver Pines Lodge History

Winter 2016 – Ma Kettle (Marjorie Main):  At Home in Fern Valley 

Spring 2017 – The Heart of the Village

Summer 2023 – That Was Gold in them Thar Hills

Spring 2024 – Art in the Park – Cahuilla